Male chest enhancement surgery helps you gain the confidence you desire

Sometimes it isn’t a chest reduction that is needed but an increase in definition of the chest or male chest lift surgery. Working out at the gym might be all you need but occasionally additional help is welcome. 

There are various techniques to achieve a contoured, chiselled look. Contact us to discover what LASE Cosmetic can offer you to achieve the look you’re after.

Your contentment and privacy is vital to us and you can be sure that the service we provide is discreet and stress-free. If you would like to discuss how to contour your body or find out how male chest redefinition surgery could improve your body image.


A defined chest is something many men aspire to, but for some that is not a natural aesthetic. Male chest redefinition surgery is specifically offered to treat men who wish to contour and define their physique. In some cases we can combine treatments with liposuction if this is deemed more appropriate.


Male Chest Redefinition Surgery

from £3500 (liposuction only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the decision to undergo surgical procedures can be a difficult one, and there are many questions you may have. Please read the frequently asked questions below which may answer any queries or ease any concerns you may have.

How can male chest redefinition surgery improve your appearance?

Male breast redefinition surgery including male chest lift surgery improves the contours of the chest area. Please note we offer various types of procedures including liposuction if you’re more concerned with the appearance of male breasts. Men generally choose contouring surgery to feel more comfortable and confident as well as to look better in and out of clothes.

Who is suitable for this type of surgery?

Men who are looking to contour and shape their mid section may benefit from this type of cosmetic procedure. It is not appropriate for men who are vastly overweight, as much of the issue can often be solved with lifestyle modifications.

Book a consultation to determine whether male chest defining surgery is the most appropriate procedure for you. You may also wish to consider chest reduction surgery if the problem is gyneacomastia.

What happens during male chest redefinition surgery?

Techniques when redefining the chest differ patient to patient. During your consultation your surgeon will discuss your options based on your personal goals. Male chest enhancement surgery takes 1-1.5 hours on average but this will vary depending on the person undergoing body contouring surgery.

What is the recovery like?

After surgery you may notice some swelling and tenderness, but painkillers can be prescribed to manage any pain. You may be kept overnight to ensure you’re recovering well.

 Full aftercare information is provided after the surgery, including how to care for your scars and guidance on when to return to exercising or work. A follow up appointment allows your surgeon to make sure you’re healing well and the implants are settling well.

How long do the results of male chest redefinition surgery last?

The results are long term, although, if you gain a significant amount of weight this may change the result.

Who should you trust to perform male chest redefinition surgery?

It’s advised you pick an expert if you’re considering any surgical procedure pertaining to the chest, including male chest lift surgery and male chest enhancement surgery. The experienced surgeons at LASE Cosmetic here in Newcastle are specialists in this type of cosmetic surgery.

If you agree to go ahead with this procedure, a highly trained surgeon will discuss the techniques available and help you consider your options based on your goals and circumstances.

Where can you get more information?

Please contact us if you wish to request a consultation to address your chest concerns – we are happy to discuss any type of cosmetic surgery with you, including body contouring procedures such as liposuction.

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