We use Juvederm dermal filling products, as they are the most effective

Dermal filler injections are fast becoming one of the most popular non-surgical treatments available in the UK. Fast, safe and versatile, they can be used to soften the lines around the forehead, frown, eyes and nose, as well as in augmentation treatments.

At LASE Cosmetic, we are proud to offer the Juvederm premium range of fillers. They can be used to improve and rejuvenate areas of the face, hands and chest (décolletage). Made of hyaluronic acid, a product naturally found in your skin, they can provide a smooth and natural result.

This anti-ageing treatment is simple and quick to perform, and the results last for months. Often simply referred to as fillers, this is an umbrella term to describe a selection of products. Contact us to hear more and learn about our competitive pricing. We are a leading provider of dermal lip fillers in Newcastle.


The term Juvederm dermal fillers refers to a selection of injectables that are designed specifically to fill in lines and wrinkles, augment the lips or improve volume to areas such as the cheeks. They are entirely non-surgical and can be combined with other non-invasive solutions like muscle relaxing injections.

They work by filling and plumping areas they’re injected into, helping patients look more youthful for longer. They work differently to wrinkle relaxing injections, which are more focused on preventing new lines and wrinkles from forming.

At LASE Cosmetic in Newcastle we use Juvederm products, as they are the most effective in filling, volumising and smoothing signs of facial ageing. Find out more information about how these anti-ageing injections work by contacting the clinic.


Dermal Fillers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the frequently asked questions below which may answer any queries or ease any concerns you may have.

How can dermal fillers improve your appearance?

This type of skin rejuvenation treatment is most commonly used as a form of anti-ageing treatment. The injections create a more youthful appearance by filling in lines and deep wrinkles or volumising areas of the face that need contouring.

Who is suitable for this type of anti-ageing treatment?

Juvederm dermal filler injections are suitable for both men and women looking to look more youthful. It may be this form of treatment is combined with other forms of skin rejuvenation for the best results, such as skin peels or CoolSculpting. A consultation is required to ensure the team are able to provide you the most suitable facial rejuvenation treatment.

What happens during treatment with dermal filler injections?

This type of skin rejuvenation treatment is non-surgical and is carried out in the clinic. Before treatment, the areas of skin to be injected are cleaned before a topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure the treatment is comfortable.

Your anti-ageing expert will then inject the chosen product into the areas it is required. Treatment with dermal fillers takes around 30 minutes on average. Some initial results can be seen immediately although the long term results of dermal fillers are seen in the days and weeks afterwards.

What is the recovery like?

You can return to your daily life immediately. There may be some slight bruising or redness to the areas of treatment, but this usually only lasts a few hours. It’s important to follow any aftercare guidance you are given post-treatment.

How long do the results last?

On average a Juvederm dermal filler injection results last between 12-18 months.

Who should you trust to perform skin rejuvenation treatments?

We have a team of experts at LASE Cosmetic here to help you rejuvenate your skin; whether that’s by increasing volume to certain areas or reducing wrinkles. We will offer you the most advanced non-surgical treatments we have available, only providing trusted products by reputable brands.

Where can you get more information?

If you are interested in learning more about Juvederm and skin rejuvenation treatments like this or muscle relaxing injections, facial peels or advanced skincare, please request a consultation with us.

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