There are a few types of facelift surgery, we’ll help you choose the right one for you

As we age the skin of the face can start to sag, particularly around the mid and lower face. While non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers can help restore volume successfully, sometimes it is best approached via our expert facelift Newcastle surgeons.

Facelift techniques have progressed greatly over the last ten years, and we are able to offer patients a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures. We’re confident we can help you improve rejuvenate your facial tissues reliably and with long lasting results.

At LASE Cosmetic in Newcastle we offer both surgical and non-surgical solutions that can rejuvenate the skin. If you would like to discuss our facelift surgery procedure or how to treat facial ageing.


Essentially, it’s a selection of procedures designed to surgically lift specific areas of the face. There are several facial rejuvenation procedures that are classed as facelift surgery. The most popular types of facelifts include: 

  • Traditional facelift (sometimes called a full lift)
  • Upper facelift
  • Mid facelift
  • SMAS lift
  • Lower facelift (often combined with a neck lift)

The effects of time, gravity and sometimes even genetics, can lead to mild or severe sagging of the facial tissues. During an initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss your options based on your concerns and tailor a bespoke surgical plan for you. We also perform male facelift surgery, so men, don’t hesitate to let us know what you are looking to achieve also.


Facelift Surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Making the decision to undergo surgical procedures can be a difficult one, and there are many questions you may have. Please read the frequently asked questions below which may answer any queries or ease any concerns you may have.

How can facelift surgery improve your appearance?

This cosmetic surgery facelift removes excess skin and tightens the tissues below the surface of the skin which creates a more youthful appearance. It is often combined with procedures such as eyelid reshaping, neck lift and brow lift.

Who is suitable for this type of surgery?

Surgery to rejuvenate the face is most common in patients over 45, and we perform both female and male facelift surgery. A consultation is needed to ensure we’re able to provide you the most suitable treatment.

What happens during facelift surgery procedure?

Depending on the degree of surgery required it would be performed at the clinic or in hospital. Your surgeon will make incisions to allow the tissues to be tightened and the excess skin removed. This type of facial rejuvenation takes 2 to 3 hours, on average.

What is recovery like?

You might stay overnight, especially if you’ve had general anaesthetic. There will be some swelling and bruising which is normal, and painkillers can be prescribed to manage any discomfort.

Patients are given full aftercare information, including how to care for your scars and when you’re likely to be able to return to work. On average, patients usually take around 4-6 weeks to recover but this varies patient to patient.

How long do the results of face lift surgery last?

This will always depend on what type of facelift procedure you choose and the nature of your own tissues. Most patients find the results of face-lifting to be long-lasting.

Who should you trust to perform facial rejuvenation surgery?

At LASE Cosmetic in Newcastle, our plastic surgeons are all UK trained and hold the FRCS (Plast.) qualification. They are recognised on the specialist register for plastic surgery at the General Medical Council (GMC).

Can a facelift be done under local anaesthesia

Yes. There are different types of facelift but mini-facelifts and less invasive types can often be performed under local anaesthetic which results in reduced downtime.

Are facelift scars visible

Our surgeons are all highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons. However scars of any sort are permanent and visible. Our surgeons do their utmost to make scars as discrete as they can, and once faded they are often very acceptable and not easily seen.

What is a mini facelift

A mini-facelift comes in various types but usually means a facelift that results in a less lengthy scar, requires less dissection of the facial tissues and the downtime is often less than a traditional facelift. Often a mini-facelift can be performed under local anaesthetic and as a daycase. Because there is less dissection, mini-facelifts are usually reserved for younger patients in whom the aging process has only just started or in older patients where the signs of aging are minimal.

Is facelift safe

All surgery comes with risks but, in the hands of experienced plastic surgeons such as those that practice from LASE Cosmetic, facelift surgery is usually considered safe. All risks are explained at the consultation and the surgeons allow you time to ask questions and consider the information provided before making any decisions.

How long does a facelift last

This will vary according to factors including the type of facelift you have had, the heaviness of the facial tissues, your lifestyle and the position of your facial tissues before surgery. In general though a facelift result might last for 2-10 years, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Where can you get more information?

We would be delighted to meet you to discuss your facial rejuvenation surgery journey. Contact us if you wish to request a consultation.

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