Consultation and Treatment Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions provide detailed information for patients considering procedures with LASE Cosmetic Limited. They explain the fees, what happens if you or we cancel the procedure and what happens if you suffer complications.

There are certain items that are not covered by the standard fees and these are listed below.

For surgery the quoted price will be confirmed in writing (the “Confirmation letter”) after booking. The agreed price is only valid upon issue of a LASE Cosmetic written confirmation letter. For surgery a minimum deposit of 25% of the total fee must be paid upon booking to secure your surgery date, unless part of a ‘see and treat’ service. Payment of this deposit will constitute your full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

For services provided on LASE Cosmetic Limited sites, you are contracting with LASE Cosmetic Limited. The services are provided to you by LASE Cosmetic Limited and we have contracted with the Consultant or other medical practitioner who will be responsible for your procedure and the delivery of your aftercare. We have also contracted with other staff to provide those services. Your treatment provider might not be an employee of LASE Cosmetic Limited but will hold appropriate experience and medical indemnity for the procedure(s) they are providing.

These Terms and Conditions are the entire agreement between the patient and LASE Cosmetic Limited and there shall be no remedy in respect of any representation or warranty that is not set out in these terms and conditions (save that nothing in this clause shall limit or exclude any liability for fraud).


1. Consultation

  • Where applicable a non-refundable £25 fee is payable to secure a consultation with your chosen consultant or expert. This will be deducted from the full consultation fee on attendance, or (for free consultations) can be credited against other services or products provided by LASE Cosmetic Limited.
  • If you wish to cancel, change or reschedule your consultation date at least 48 hours’ notice is required by email or telephone call with one of our staff.
  • An agreed consultation may be rescheduled once, otherwise an additional £25 fee becomes payable.
  • A consultation is an opportunity to meet and receive the opinion of your chosen consultation or expert. It does not guarantee that any procedure or treatment will be offered by LASE Cosmetic Limited or its contracted consultants or experts.
  • If a fee is incurred as part of a consultation it will not be refunded if the advice of the consultant or expert means they cannot or will not offer a treatment. The consultation fee does not guarantee treatment by LASE Cosmetic Limited or its consultants or experts.


2. Your treatment fees cover:

  1. Pre-treatment or pre-operative assessment prior to treatment or surgery respectively. (Pre-operative diagnostic testing such as blood tests, bacterial swabs and other investigations that may be required are excluded (for example, but not exclusively, FBC, U&E’s, MRSA, Covid19 and ECG);
  2. Operating theatre charges;
  3. Surgical appliances;
  4. Implants (unless specific implant are requested);
  5. Surgical fee;
  6. Anaesthetic fee;
  7. Expected tissue histology fees;
  8. Up to 3 post-operative consultations. No matter the reason further consultations may incur additional fees.


3. Items excluded from treatment fees and additional information to consider:

  1. Personal expenses such as travel, phone calls, magazines, and meals.
  2. Management of medical conditions that may arise either before or after surgery. This also includes treatment and costs related to pre-existing medical conditions which may be charged directly by other private or NHS providers.
  3. Any items or surgical procedures that are not directly related to your agreed procedure will not be included in your agreed fees and will be invoiced directly to the individual
  4. You should be aware that if you have a medical condition that needs to be investigated or treated prior to your surgery or treatment this may entail additional costs. If you have a medical condition that requires an unusual level of post-operative treatment and investigation you may incur further costs. If you are in any doubt discuss this with your consultant. Any associated costs are payable by the patient.
  5. Transfer of care from day-case to in-patient, if medically required or recommended, will be at additional cost to the patient and might be invoiced directly by the in-patient hospital to the patient.
  6. If you have had previous capsular contracture following breast implant surgery elsewhere, LASE Cosmetic Limited cannot offer you the routine warranty provided to other patients against capsular contracture.
  7. If it is unexpectedly found medically necessary or recommended to send a tissue specimen, at the time of your operation, for pathology or further analysis you will be charged for this.
  8. Any additional tests that LASE Cosmetic Limited or your surgeon may require as part of your medical management will be charged to you. Should you require any test, or tests, outside the scope of the agreed fees they will be charged directly to you by LASE Cosmetic Limited.
  9. If your surgery involves the possible choice of several, different sized implants for trial on the day of surgery in order to gauge which size would be optimal, you may be charged for the implants used as well as the carriage of these extra implants.
  10. Any post-operative imaging, investigations and dressings will be charged to you.
  11. Should your surgery need to be cancelled / postponed by your surgeon on the day of your admission due to undisclosed medical information, you will be charged hospital fees.
  12. Should you decide to cancel your surgery on your day of admission, you will be liable for the full agreed fee.
  13. If you discharge yourself from an in-patient hospital against the advice of your surgeon, in the event of an in-patient stay, no further services will be provided to you in relation to that surgical procedure, except at the discretion of LASE Cosmetic Limited.
  14. Any medication dispensed or prescribed for use in the post-operative period


4. Prior to surgery you should:

  • Sign and return these terms and conditions, retaining a copy for yourself (failure to do so could result in your aftercare policy not being validated).
  • Arrange a payment method as outlined in your confirmation letter. You may pay by cash, credit card, bankers draft or direct bank transfer / deposit.
  • Where possible all fees must be paid in full 28 days prior to your scheduled surgery date. If the full amount is not received 28 days prior to the scheduled date LASE Cosmetic Limited reserves the right to postpone / reschedule the surgery and retain the initial consultation fee and treatment deposit. Only one postponement will be allowed.


5. The consultant

The consultant is engaged by LASE Cosmetic Limited so we can provide his / her services to you. The consultant is not employed by LASE Cosmetic and is an independent contractor.

You must answer any questions put to you by the consultant or other clinical staff truthfully, completely and accurately and provide any information which may affect your initial consultation, treatment or recovery.


6. Personal Details

You agree that we, LASE Cosmetic Limited, can use your personal details for the purposes of providing you with clinical and surgical services, providing pre- and post-operative advice and treatment and administering our agreement with you.

This information may be provided to other clinical organisations and individuals (including the consultant, clinical staff and the hospital) for the same purposes.


7. Liability

LASE Cosmetic Limited shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses. Liability for direct losses will be capped at the fees paid for the services. LASE Cosmetic Limited contracts in good faith with its providers and shall not be liable for the fraudulent, criminal or negligent activity of these providers, including medical negligence.


8. Your questions answered:

What if I decide not to proceed with my surgery?

  • If cancellation is for medical reasons which prevent your procedure from being rearranged within the next 12 months, LASE Cosmetic Limited will refund all monies paid by you (other than your initial consultation fee and any hospital fees incurred), regardless of the date on which you cancel. Evidence of the medical reason is required to be submitted before any refund is approved.
  • LASE Cosmetic Limited will refund your payment, less consultation fee, if written notification is provided by e-mail or recorded delivery to our staff within 14 days of booking your procedure.
  • In the event that your procedure is booked within 21 days of surgery, no refund will be given on cancellation.
  • If you postpone your procedure you have 6 months from your initial surgery date to re-book, failing which no refunds will be made. It will only be possible to postpone and re-book your surgery once. In the event that you wish to postpone your surgery for a second time or more you will forfeit your deposit. Please see below for a table of rescheduling and cancellation costs.
  • Please note that if your surgery is postponed from one calendar year to the next there may be an additional charge levied due to annual price increases.


Rescheduling of Surgery Fee
You may reschedule your surgery once without a fee. (Unless your surgery date is less than 14 days away)



Less than 14 days’ notice Deposit forfeit
Rescheduling 2 or more times £500 per occasion


Cancellation Fee
7 days prior to and on the day of surgery Deposit plus 50% of the balance
8‐14 days prior to the surgery date Deposit plus 25% of the balance
15-28 days prior to the surgery date Deposit plus 15% of the balance
More than 28 days prior to surgery date £0


What if I suffer complications?

  • LASE Cosmetic Limited provides no guarantee of aesthetic outcome or post-operative result, however we take steps to ensure that the hospital, consultant and other staff perform to best clinical practice in terms of pre-and post- operative care, as well as the undertaking of the procedure itself. The services will be carried out with all reasonable care and skill and materially in accordance with the terms of this agreement. LASE Cosmetic Limited reserve the right to change the services in order to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. If such a variation is required you will be notified except in cases of surgical
  • If you develop capsular contracture within 2 years following your primary procedure with LASE Cosmetic Limited, you will not be charged for replacement implants or surgeon’s fees. Theatre / in-patient fees may be charged. You will be covered for one episode of capsular contracture only. Patients who have had previous or pre-existing capsular contracture or rupture will not be covered.
  • If you experience an implant rupture within 5 years of your primary procedure with LASE Cosmetic Limited, you will not be charged for the surgeon’s fees for recommended surgery. Theatre / in-patient fees may be charged. Your implants carry a lifetime guarantee against rupture and the implant manufacturer website should be reviewed for further details.
  • The cost of correction of rotation of anatomical implants is not covered.
  • Revision surgery may not necessarily be performed by your original surgeon and will only be performed at a date agreed by the surgeon and LASE Cosmetic Limited.
  • LASE Cosmetic Limited offers all patients follow-up appointments for life whenever necessary at the standard consultation fee per visit.
  • LASE Cosmetic Limited is unable to cover fees that might be incurred through the investigation and / or management of complications of surgery that take place independently of LASE Cosmetic Limited.
  • LASE Cosmetic Limited is unable to cover fees that might be incurred in the investigation and / or management of complications of surgery while the patient is abroad.
  • If you choose to request that your surgeon use an implant that is not routinely provided by LASE Cosmetic Limited, we will not be able to provide cover for capsular contracture or rupture.
  • LASE Cosmetic Limited reserve the right to withhold the warrant for implant rupture if the implant is found to have been damaged during extreme trauma (eg. Road traffic accident) or surgery.


It should be noted that while your surgeon’s fee and implant fee will be covered under certain circumstances hospital fees and other charges (eg. anaesthetist’s fees, medication and dressing fees) may apply when undertaking revision surgery.


Complaint Policy summary

LASE Cosmetic aims to provide all patients with the highest standards of care and customer service. If we fail to achieve this, we listen carefully and respond to complaints swiftly acknowledging any mistakes and rectifying them so that we can make improvements to our service.

  1. The complaints full policy is made available to patients, their affected relative or a representative when they first raise concerns about any aspect of the service they have received.
  2. Responses at all stages are made quickly:
    • A member of staff will acknowledge the concern once we are made aware of it.
    • A detailed written response will be sent within 21 working days
    • Where there are delays and the investigation is still in progress a letter will be sent explaining the reason for the delay to the patient at a minimum every 21 working days

LASE Cosmetic has a 3 stage process for handling complaints:

Stage 1: Local Resolution – Clinic manager

All complaints should be raised directly with the Clinic Manager in the first instance and should normally be made as soon as possible / within 6 months of the date of the event complained about, or as soon as the matter first came to the attention of the complainant.

The patient will be given a copy of our complaints procedure and invited to attend a face to face meeting with the Clinic Manager and other relevant parties to talk through their concerns and to try and resolve the issue at an early stage.

The Clinic Manager will go through a thorough process of investigation to include reviewing the case in detail and taking statements from all staff members / doctors concerned. The Clinic Manager responds directly to the person who has made the complaint whether the complaint was made verbally, by letter, text or email.

Stage 2: Complaint Review

Patients who remain dissatisfied with the outcome of stage 1 may request in writing within 6 months to have their complaint moved to stage 2 where the handling of the complaint will be reviewed by.

A director of the Company who has not been involved with the complaint at stage 1.  The Director will interview staff concerned and review all documentation to form an independent view of the handling of the complaint. The Director will respond directly to the patient either upholding or not upholding the complaint. For surgical patients the decision must be approved by a surgical Director or member of the MAC committee.

Stage 3: Surgical patients who have undergone a procedure : Independent external adjudication by the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS)  www.iscas.org.uk

Patients who are dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint handling review at stage 2 can make a request in writing within 6 months of the final response to stage 2 to ISCAS. ISCAS will only become involved if the first 2 stages of the process have been completed as confirmed by LASE Cosmetic Limited. LASE Cosmetic Limited should also inform patients that it is their right to inform the following regulatory body:

Care Quality Commission (CQC) – England: 03000 616161 – www.cqc.org.uk

You can contact LASE Cosmetic Limited by email on contact@lasecosmetic.com.