When we built our luxury new clinic in Jesmond, we engaged a local building company to realise our dream. As our requirements were very specific in developing a specialist cosmetic surgery clinic in Newcastle with operating facilities as well as treatment rooms, the builders understandably called in outside expert help. Had the work been undertaken purely by the building company, limitations in their knowledge or experience may have led to problems in the build or later down the line… In many ways, the medical profession is the same.

Plastic surgeons might be called upon to reconstruct any part of the body in an emergency, which is why we are trained to operate without anatomical constraint. However, when those plastic surgeons work as cosmetic surgeons at LASE Cosmetic, we believe, we should specialise, particularly in respect to complex cases, to hone our skills to the highest level. It is interesting that many of our colleagues do not.

Our lead surgeon, Mr Ali-Khan is our lead for complex breast and body surgery, for example revision breast augmentation (boob job) and body contouring with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck, mummy makeover) For complex or revision surgery of the face, neck or nose we can call on the skills of Mr Dan Saleh who is an expert surgeon in these procedures.

The best clinician for a patient’s needs is the consistent approach taken by LASE Cosmetic, and not only for its surgical patients. Mrs Lisa Ali-Khan is an Independent Prescribing Nurse with over 18 years full-time experience in facial injectables. For this reason, Mr Ali-Khan recommends her to his patients even if they have approached him for injectable treatments, he has faith in the benefits of her many years of experience.

Having on-site expertise in surgical and non-surgical approaches has another benefit for patients, namely they avoid biased advice during a consultation. To explain, a non-surgical clinician might put a patient off surgery as they cannot do it (or they may not realise it is the better option for a given patient). A surgeon might have the opposite influence. In most clinics, as the ‘other opinion’ is not immediately available it is often simply ignored. LASE Cosmetic is very unusual because we have on-site expertise in both surgery and non-surgical treatments and, for instance, if Mrs Ali-Khan wondered whether surgery might be better for a patient she can arrange an immediate, complimentary consultation with Mr Ali-Khan. This comprehensive approach to cosmetic surgery in Newcastle is not available anywhere else in the north-east, to our knowledge.

LASE Cosmetic’s ethos of putting the patient’s needs first and foremost, we believe, results in our incredible patients leaving us such glowing reviews. Patients appreciate the attention they receive at LASE Cosmetic and are willing to share their experiences.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Newcastle or any aesthetic treatment, apply the same thought process you would to any service that you consider. Find the best person you possibly can… We believe that should be a specialist.

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