Thank you NHS ❤

The outpouring of gratitude expressed by the clapping across the UK for the NHS and medical staff of this country was a humbling and emotional gesture.” says Mr Ahmed Ali-Khan, our lead plastic surgeon. NHS and medical staff across the UK work very long hours, sometimes in very challenging conditions and none more so that right now. They all deserve our thanks and recognition. “It saddens me that under normal conditions, so much of the press the medical profession gets leans towards the negative.” Ahmed says.

The work done by plastic surgeons in the NHS is incredible and very frequently not just life changing but life saving. People do not realise that the work done in areas such as burns and skin grafts is absolutely essential to the patients recovery and life expectancy. “The days of any cosmetic breast enhancement on the NHS are essentially gone”  , says Ahmed. “The work plastic surgeons do now is the most challenging work we can possibly face with many trauma and burn patients requiring lengthy treatment over in some cases many years. This element of treatment is amongst the most rewarding work a surgeon can do as we see a real difference to patients over time, not just their appearance but their psychological well-being”

The psychological element of a persons welfare should not be underestimated. This is why many surgeons work in private practice as they see real need for treatment for patients that would improve their whole outlook, self-respect and mental well-being. These treatments have disappeared from the NHS in favour of the demand for acute treatments but their need has not diminished at all. “To ignore the psychological well-being of anyone would be a serious mistake. The assessment of any patient in the NHS or privately should always consider this vital element” Ahmed explains.

LASE Cosmetic would like to applaud, recognise and thank all the workers in the NHS, whether clinical, administrative, volunteer or temporary. Their contribution to this country is massive, not least at a time like this when we need them most. Our heartfelt thanks to them all.

We look forward to reopening our clinic and seeing you soon.

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