If you are concerned about a skin lesion, and you want a fast and effective treatment that can put your mind at ease, you might be interested in the “See and Treat” Skin Lesion Service at LASE Cosmetic in Newcastle, UK.

About Our ‘See and Treat’ Service

LASE Cosmetic is a clinic that specialises in plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery treatments, including skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. The “See and Treat” service is designed to provide immediate treatment and rapid diagnosis of skin lesions, with the goal of catching any potential skin cancers early, as well as removing less suspicious but nuisance skin lesions.

The process

The process is straightforward: you secure an appointment with LASE Cosmetic for the “see and treat” service (a non-refundable deposit is required).

During the appointment, one of our skin expert, plastic surgeons will examine the lesion and offer you skin lesion removal if appropriate, after a discussion of the risks. We advise lesions to be sent for pathology to provide further information, even for non-suspicious lesions*. If you proceed to treatment, your deposit is credited against the fee for the treatment which starts at £500 for simple, single lesions.

Should an excised lesion prove to be suspicious or cancerous, if it has been completely removed, it is possible no further treatment is required but alternatively, onward referral to the NHS specialist services, via your GP, can be arranged

What skin lesion removal procedures are available?

LASE Cosmetic can offer a range of treatments, from cryotherapy (freezing non-suspicious lesions) to excision (skin lesion surgery). If the lesion is not cancerous, you can rest easy knowing that you have had a thorough examination and any current problems have been ruled out.

The “See and Treat” service at LASE Cosmetic is particularly useful for people who have concerns about skin lesions but may not be able to get an appointment with their GP or dermatologist for several weeks or even months**. This service can give you peace of mind quickly, so you don’t have to worry about the lesion getting worse or potentially developing into something suspicious.

In addition to the “See and Treat” service, LASE Cosmetic offers a range of other skin services, including pigmented mole assessment, skin rejuvenation, and treatments for acne and rosacea. The clinic is staffed by experienced and knowledgeable skin specialists who can provide a range of treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Overall, if you’re worried about a skin lesion and want fast, effective treatment, the “See and Treat” service at LASE Cosmetic in Newcastle, UK, is an excellent option. With rapid diagnosis and a range of treatment options available, you can get the care you need.

If you would like more information on our skin lesion removal and our ‘See and Treat’ service, please contact us, we will be happy to give you an honest opinion and understanding of what the treatment entails and if it is the right treatment for you.

*pathology is at extra cost to the surgical “see and treat” service.

**exclusions apply, some lesions may not be suitable for the “see and treat’ service and instead may require traditional private consultation and elective, planned treatment. Please see our T&Cs.

About LASE Cosmetic

LASE Cosmetic is a luxury clinic operating in the North East specialising in surgical and non-surgical procedures.  Our ethos is to offer the very highest standards of patient care and service while, at the same time, adopting evidence-based cosmetic treatments that allow our patients to benefit from modern techniques and perhaps avoid the need for traditional general anaesthetic-based, overnight surgery, providing the best plastic surgery in Newcastle.

At LASE’s clinic in Jesmond in central Newcastle-upon-Tyne, you can expect the very best in advanced cosmetic treatments, many of which are exclusive to us in the North East.

At the heart of everything the clinic offers is the welfare of the patient – the team will always cross-refer between our surgical and non-surgical capabilities to ensure the patient is given the best advice on cosmetic surgery in Newcastle upon Tyne.