This is one of the commonest questions our surgeon, Mr Ali-Khan, is asked when discussing cosmetic surgery with patients. It highlights the importance of a general anaesthetic in the minds’ of patients.

One can understand why it is important and, at LASE Cosmetic, we take the question very seriously. Not all patients require a general anaesthetic, but if it is necessary we ensure it is as safe as possible and has been planned as an integral part of the service we offer. It is never added on as an afterthought.

To do this Mr Ali-Khan only works with a small group of UK trained, consultant anaesthetists with whom he works in the NHS as well as the private sector. He has known each of them for many years and is confident they are safe, experienced, and prioritise the patient experience as much as he does. One of them has anaesthetised one of Mr Ali-Khan’s children (…well, wouldn’t you if they refused to go to bed on a school night?!).

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