Advising a patient that they are unsuitable for surgery is probably one of the most difficult parts of my role as a surgeon, so I wanted to explain the reasons why I might turn down a patient who visits me for a consultation.

There are several reasons why but let me be clear, all of the reasons are related to the patients welfare whether it be physical or psychological, the only other reason would be, that as a surgeon I may not feel comfortable in achieving the result that the patient is expecting and therefore I would decline the patient.

We take great pride in being honest and if we feel that we cannot meet your expectation we will say so, as with all professions we have our areas of expertise, and we work better knowing that we will have a happy patient post-surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is not always the right option

The main reasons why we turn patients down for surgery is unrealistic expectation, I recently saw a young 18 year old female patient who was concerned about the shape of her nose, we spent a long time discussing the reasons why she was opting for surgery and we established that she had been a victim of bullying throughout her formative school years. I felt that the patient was choosing surgery hastily and because of her age, urged her to give it some more time and if she still felt as strongly then we could discuss it in the future but at that stage of her life it was not the right decision

We understand that patients are excited and it can be disappointing to be turned down for surgery but we urge them to understand that all decisions are made without commercial consideration and with the patients’ best interest at heart.

If you are considering any type of cosmetic surgery procedure, please contact us or request a consultation here. We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can help.