For many members of the public, cosmetic surgery is seen as a bit of a taboo subject. It is not usually spoken about openly, the idea of people getting cosmetic surgery can sometimes be met with negativity and suspicion. Images of cosmetic surgery in the media highlight this negativity by speaking critically about those who have had work done, or by showing pictures of procedures that were not completed to a high standard.

At LASE, we are challenging these perceptions to change the views about cosmetic surgery in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the north east and the UK. At LASE Cosmetic we offer our patients high standards of care and service, while also adopting modern techniques for cosmetic treatments that are tried and tested and can help to avoid, where possible, the need for general anesthetic and overnight surgery.

As technology develops, there is less of a need for patients to have invasive surgery that have longer recovery times. There are now non-surgical procedures and other minimally-invasive surgeries that don’t require general anesthetic or an overnight stay, that can have results just as great or even better than invasive surgeries of the past. If a non-surgical or minimally-invasive procedure can be done, it also means that there is often a greatly reduced recovery time!

As professionals with expertise in all areas of cosmetic and plastic surgery, we use our knowledge to be able to determine what type of procedure would be the best option for the patient. The team can do this by referring between both the non-surgical and surgical capabilities so that patients get the best advice. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ view. We tailor our advice and treatment with the patient’s needs so that the outcome will result in high patient satisfaction. It could be a simple non-surgical procedure or a few surgical procedures, but it will be what is right for that particular patient.

Tailoring procedures to the patient’s needs, using our vast amount of knowledge also means we can avoid any unnecessary procedures that would require overnight stays and general anesthetics.

At the LASE Cosmetic clinic in Jesmond, Newcastle, you will be able to find advanced, up-to-date treatments, some of which you can’t find anywhere else in the North East. This matches the ethos of offering the highest standards of care and service to our patients. Unique to only the LASE Cosmetic clinic in the North East of England are CoolSculpting® (the only fat freezing technology available on the market that is FDA approved) and Renuvion® (a unique skin-tightening technology that harnesses plasma – the 4th state of matter).

There is never any need to worry about the training and qualification that the surgeons at our clinic have, as they are all NHS trained and are experienced in both cosmetic surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery. Our lead, non-surgical, aesthetic expert also has years of experience as an NHS nurse, and experience in anti-ageing facial treatments, so you are guaranteed to be in great hands.

By having professional staff who are experienced and well trained, we can challenge some of the negative perceptions on cosmetic surgery and treatments, showing them in a positive light, giving our patients total piece of mind.

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