Surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty? There is no bias at LASE Cosmetic!

When they founded LASE Cosmetic, their luxury aesthetic clinic in Newcastle, Mr Ahmed and Mrs Lisa Ali-Khan realised there was a something significant missing from the existing services on offer to patients in the North East.

Traditionally, a provider might either be a non-surgical expert or a surgeon but rarely both. Even consultant plastic surgeons, such as Mr Ali-Khan, who can provide both are unlikely to be as expert in treatments such as a non surgical rhinoplasty as those who offer them full-time, such as Mrs Ali-Khan who has 18 years experience.

Patients might not know what the best approach is for their aesthetic concern and under the existing model of care, there could be bias in the advice provided, away from a treatment that a given provider cannot offer even if there are more appropriate options available.

As Mr Ali-Khan puts it, “A while back, I was watching a well-known TV aesthetic doctor advising a patient on rhinoplasty. Because they could only offer non-surgical rhinoplasty that was all that was discussed; other than suggesting the patient avoid a surgical rhinoplasty because it was a ‘permanent change’, as though that was a negative! My surgical patients would be very disappointed if the surgery I offered was not permanent or long-lasting!”

At LASE, by combining the full-time non-surgical expertise of Lisa Ali-Khan and the plastic surgery expertise of Mr Ali-Khan, the advice on offer has no limits. There is no agenda, the most important aspect of our care is to listen to a patient and understand their concerns and their motivations. Through combined expertise and understanding our patients, we can offer the ideal treatment option whether non-surgical, minimally invasive, or traditionally surgical.

Mr Ali-Khan concludes, ‘When a patient decides upon their preferred treatment based on a full understanding of the options available balanced against their personal circumstances, that is choice. When a patient chooses a treatment because the provider only discusses a limited range of options, that is bias. At LASE Cosmetic Newcastle we offer choice.”

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