“CoolSculpting results are instant!”


Once the fat cells have been frozen, your body will naturally eliminate dead cells over the next few months. The number of fat cells you have in your body is set during childhood and adolescence, so when you gain or lose weight as an adult, those fat cells are simply expanding or shrinking. But with CoolSculpting, the freezing process actually kills off the fat cells in the treated area, which means the results are permanent.

CoolSculpting is the original cryolipolysis (fat freezing) system developed by Harvard scientists Manstein and Anderson.

We are proud to say that CoolSculpting has delivered over 7 million treatments, is available in over 5,000 clinics with 60 peer-reviewed papers and although there are alternative devices out there that may be cheaper, our machines are FDA cleared and only to be used in medical led clinics.

CoolSculpting® is not a weight loss procedure and should not replace a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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